The campus is delightfully planned and adorned with impressive building, lawns and shaded avenues to make the environment completely eco-friendly. The college has well furnished labs, lecture rooms, tutorial room, library with a rich collection of books, playgrounds, hostels, canteen, shopping centre and well equipped workshop.
The institute is committed to the development of professional engineers to face the challenges of the rapidly changing industrial world. At Shri Sharda group of education we believe in motivating the students to learn by providing various type of learning experiences like lecture cum discussion session, well graded tutorial assignments, individualised laboratory and workshop experience. Developing learning skills, problem solving skills, communication and interpersonal skills, proper attitude and values are the key focus areas of the instructional process. Professionals from the world of work and academic institutions are invited regularly to deliver lectures on emerging trends in industry. Regular visits and training in the relevant industries are arranged to provide the direct experience to students.